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Zed Link

Zed Link is a simple and powerful ‘zero-footprint’ DICOM viewer. Zed Link is PC and Mac compatible and provides access to images and reports anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection. Zed Link is ideal for Geraldton Radiology who regularly deliver images to external referrers. Zed Link is intuitive, simple to use and portable, available as an HTML5 viewer and iOS/Android app.


Link to Zedlink

Zed Link Viewer

For more information or to apply for Zed Link access you can email us at the address below.  Please provide full Practitioner name, Provider number, Email, phone number and address.  Zedlink@geraldtonradiology.com.au

Zed Technologies develop software solutions that connect radiology departments with their customers. We safely and securely deliver images and results to those that need them. Using extensive experience, deep knowledge of health IT standards and an intimate knowledge of departmental workflow, we provide simple solutions for radiology. We work closely with Geraldton Radiology to ensure their doctors get fast and easy access to images and reports.